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Investment discipline, built to endure.

Investment Discipline.

We invest your capital in a select number of remarkable companies that trade at a fair price relative to market conditions.



We identify remarkable businesses by analyzing historical accounting statements. We use a dozen data metrics such as Return on Invested Capital, Operating Margin, and Earnings Growth to determine whether a business has a proven track record of being remarkable. This data-driven backward-looking process helps us cut down the noise and lets the numbers tell the story of a particular company. If the numbers showcase a company that is significantly better than the market average, we continue our analysis.

Companies that meet all of our principles are extremely rare. This is why across the ~4,000 publicly traded companies in the United States, we can only come up with up to 30 businesses that we feel comfortable owning in our strategies for at least a year, but preferably forever. 

Stock Selection Rooted In Rigorous Research.

Our investment professionals have decades of experience managing equity portfolios at some of the largest asset managers in the world. They will do the research and manage each strategy so you can focus on what matters to you. 

Avidus Investment Discipline

Our investment process helps us acquire best-in-class companies relative to the stock market. 

Why settle for less?

Avidus portfolio vs stock market
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Meet Your Team

Over 30 years of combined investment management experience at your fingertips. 

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Ready to become a client?

Download the Avidus App and create an account within minutes. 

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