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Avidus brings real change to investment management.

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Active investment management

Grow your wealth with the confidence that an expert team is managing your money around the clock.

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Accessible to everyone

Some clients invest $1 million others $1,000. We built Avidus for scale so that we can provide the highest quality investment service to all of our clients.

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High-integrity & Transparency 

We built Avidus from the ground up to provide the transparency that every investor deserves. 

Our Mission.

We see investing as a sport—and we want to win.  Our goal is to win with colleagues we like and respect for clients that share our same philosophy of long-term thinking.  We desire to be relevant—to make a difference.  We are passionate about our investment discipline and consider each position in our portfolio to be partial ownership in a business.

Our team, our company and our process is not for everyone.  It is not our goal to be all things to all people.  We are not focused on short term results or quarterly forecasts.  We are focused on long term results and a sense of partnership with our colleagues, clients and the businesses in our portfolio.  We are a deeply loyal culture—loyal to our team, our clients and our mission of relevance.  

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Our Misson

Passionate professionals under one umbrella.

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